RISO Trends Zambia Limited
RISO Authorised Distributor in Zambia


Toshiba Riso   
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RISO Trends Zambia Limited, we are an authorized RISO and TOSHIBA Distributor in Zambia appointed by RISO Africa (PTY) Limited and Toshiba South Africa to supply, commercialized and provide after sale and technical support.

We are also distributors of REXEL, CANON, HP, SHARP and DELL brands throughout the country.

GOODS: (For outright Purchase or Hire)

->> Copy/Printers
->> Photocopiers
->> Multifunctional Printers
->> Fax Machines
->> Desktop & Laptop Computers
->> Shredding, Binding and Laminating Machines
->> LCD Projectors & Flatbed Scanners

->> Printing and Photocopying (Ordinary Documents, Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Invitation Cards, etc),
->> Binding and Laminating,
->> Hire of Office Machines,
->> Faxing,
->> Graphics Designing and Publishing

Why choose the ComColor?

FASTER - Efficiency is all about having the speed when you need it and energy to spare. Get more work done in less time! ComColor are the fastest on the planet yet only use as little as 40% of the power than that of a conventional printerr of half the speed.

Ultra-swift processing from the IS900C RIP delivers variable data with deadly accuracy.